Ricky Kidd, along with his wife Dawn Elizabeth, completed their month-long Freedom Lap 2020 Tour on September 1, 2020. The tour, which covered 12 states including Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Ohio, Indiana, Nebraska, and Oklahoma, highlighted the reasons for wrongful convictions in America, which are:

  • Mistake in Identification 28%
  • Unvalidated Forensic Science 24%
  • False Confessions 12%
  • Jailhouse Snitch testimony also known as perjury or  false accusations 59%
  • Police and Prosecutorial Misconduct or Official misconduct 54%
  • Poor defense lawyering 
  • Systemic racism

Ricky and Dawn are scheduled to arrive in Kansas City on September 1st at noon at The Midwest Innocence Project Office in downtown Kansas City.


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