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Stars Attend the Premiere of ‘Brat Loves Judy’ in Atlanta [Photos]

The stars came out to Atlanta for the premiere of ‘Brat Loves Judy,’ starring Grammy-Nominated rap artist Da Brat and her girlfriend, Jesseca ‘Judy’ Dupart.

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Kanye West Gives Impressive Performance, Soars in the Air During ‘Donda’ Listening Event

Kanye went above and beyond, literally, during the second Donda album listening event! At the end of the event, Kanye stuns the audience by levitating

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Baddies ATL Premieres in Atlanta

Zeus Network’s new TV show Baddies ATL premiered in Atlanta over the weekend. Guests in attendance included Kendall Kyndall, Jackie Long, AJ3Report, Tanisha Thomas, Natalie

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The Retired Player’s Ball Takes Place in Atlanta

The Retired Player’s Ball took place December 4th in Atlanta, GA! This event, hosted by former NBA players Jumaine Jones and Josh Powell, honors mental