#4-Raufeon Stots (17-1) defeated #3-Magomed Magomedov (18-2) via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27).

via Fansided:

The opening round featured Stots pushing the action and controlling the center of the cage for a good chunk of the opening minutes. Magomedov attempted his signature double-leg but was never able to get Stots in trouble, with Stots able to break out of it and secure a takedown of his own with just seconds left.

Stots began to open up the second round with his jab that forced Magomedov on the back foot. Magomedov kept trying to secure the takedown, but Stots was able to reverse position on two different attempts and put Magomedov completely out of rhythm.

The third round consisted of Stots beating Magomedov in the grappling department, a shocking development in this highly-anticipated matchup. Stots nearly secured a rear-naked choke and had Magomedov’s back for a majority of the final minutes, but Magomedov was able to reverse fortunes and get top position despite Stots putting in constant work off of his back.

Raufeon Stots following his impressive victory:

“I’ve never claimed to be the best wrestler in MMA, but y’all better stop sleeping on my wrestling. I’m a two-time national champion for a reason. Ain’t nobody stopping me in the wrestling division. I’m the best wrestler in the division.”

Watch Stots’ post-fight interview below.




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