Klothed:31 showcased their fashion apparel at Kansas City Fashion Week. Arkansas native Kerrie Aaron, founder of Klothed:31, grew up in a Christian home where the clothing she wore had restrictions. Her mother taught her to sew and construct garments and Kerrie always dreamed of becoming a fashion designer.

Kerrie is an advocate for modern modesty, and Klothed:31 represents a reverence for God, along with creating apparel that is stylish, creative, versatile, and authentic. In 2019, Kerrie  coordinated and hosted a fashion show for her brand, participated in Memphis Fashion Week in 2020, and was selected as (2019); in 2020, accepted as one of the Runway Designers for Northwest Arkansas (now known as INTERFORM) Spring/Summer 2020 Fashion Week and selected as one of the 10 cohort designers for Arkansas’ first-ever Designer Residency Program.

Check out some photos from her runway show below!



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