UBOEntertainment artist and Sacramento emcee Henny Holyfield announced the upcoming release of his third album, “Nostalgic,” dropping on June 5th. Henny Holyfield, who has been a staple in the Northern CA Hip Hop scene for over a decade, sets the mood for his new album with the release of his single “Happiness & Love.” 

Henny’s music can be described as streetwise hip hop, sharing his position and roles as family man, breadwinner, community leader, radio show personality on Top $helf Radio, part of The360Radio family and as a top emcee in his region. The album begins with a sample of Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together,”  on his first single “Happiness & Love.” The song focuses on the idea of happiness and love he has for his family and people in his community. Henny brings it home while showing how he has learned from the mistakes of those before him to make sure he is there for those who depend on him.

Henny Holyfield started his music career in 1999 under the moniker “Hennessy” where he spent time honing his emcee skills and pursuing his dream of making his mark in the music industry. He has performed and opened shows with artists like Lil Flip, Juvenile, Mystikal, DJ Quick and many Northern California Hip Hop regional artists. Henny has released several solo, duo and group projects such as “Forensic” (Henny, Sol, Speak EZ & Andy Anokolus) released in 2008, “Top Shelf” released in 2010, “Privilege, Vol 1: More Than A Mixtape” released in 2012, “Spittin Images” (The Beatknocks: Henn & Sol) released in 2013, “The Concept 1.5” (Henny, Aynata Payne, Igobythakid, C2DAJ) released in 2015, “Konnection Established” (The
Beatknocks: Henny & Sol) released in 2015, “We Make Hits” (Hennessy & E.M.A.) released in 2016, “The Follow Up Mixtape” (Henny & E.M.A.) and more recently released in 2020, the LP, “Clocked In.”

Connect with Henny Holyfield:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hennyholyfield

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hennyholyfield/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hennyhennhenn

Spotify: Henny Holyfield

YouTube: Henny Holyfield

Listen to Henny Holyfield’s new song “Happiness & Love” below!



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