With the recent self-titled debut album release for Kauai hip-hop artist, Son Da One and recently his fresh music video, “Garden Island Riderz,” produced by Stunna Media, LLC is an ode to island-dwellers on Kauai.

Son Da One’s history in the music scene runs deep as one of the first emcees on the island of Kauai. Son Da One has always had a passion for hip-hop and the culture it comes with and is the reason why he returned to Kauai, turning a new leaf in his life. Growing up, Son Da One focused on his family, whose rich history in music, visual and martial arts assisted him to become unique as a hip-hop artist.

Part of “Garden Island Riderz” was filmed from Son Da One’s E.P. release party in conjunction with UBO Entertainment who live fed the event on Facebook. Along with Rap-A-Lot Records DJ Angel on the turntables, there were special performances by Rap-A-Lot Records Artist Shroud City and 4Words (The Basement Fundamentalists). Son Da One and the UBOTeam contributed to local businesses and economy by employing Pineapple Express Kauai to serve local dishes from their food truck such as unique poke mixes, Buddha bowls and specialty musubis to performers, organizers and attendees. “Garden Island Riderz” is produced by Stunna Media, LLC. In conjunction with Stunna Media, LLC, Son Da One plans to release a video for “Never Fearful,” keeping up his momentum.

Check out Son Da One’s new video below!



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