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Ricky Kidd Talks With Steve Wilkos About Being Wrongfully Convicted and Imprisoned for 23 Years

Ricky Kidd, a Kansas City man who was wrongfully convicted and imprisoned for 23 years, sits down with Steve Wilkos to discuss being sentenced to


[Fashion] FABUfashion Feature: Architexture

Architexture showcased their designs at Kansas City Fashion Week. Architexture offers styles that are modern and minimalist, which can be combined to meet the style


[Fashion] FABUfashion Feature: Duane Topping

Duane Topping showcased his designs at Kansas City Fashion Week. Duane, who retired from the United States Army in 2012, struggled with PTSD. With the


[Fashion] FABUfashion Feature: Any Old Iron

Any Old Iron showcased their designs at Kansas City Fashion Week. Fashion designer and stylist Andrew Clancey created the name of the company by rooting


[Fashion] FABUfashion Feature: Joshua J Chris

Fashion Designer Joshua Christensen displayed his fashion line at Kansas City Fashion Week. Joshua Christensen, Project Runway Season 9 contestant, has worked with world-wide labels


[Fashion] FABUfashion Feature: Annette Sunshine Designs

Annette Sunshine Designs showcased their fashion designs at Kansas City Fashion Week. The clothing brand was created in 2007, creating custom garments for men, women


[Fashion] FABUfashion Feature: TR Brown

TR Brown showcased their fashion designs during Kansas City Fashion Week. Tiffany Brown, a self-taught seamstress, specializes in color cohesion and has an eye for


[Fashion] FABUfashion Feature: Potapenko Yanchenko

Since 2005, Olha Potapenko and Tatiana Yanchenko have been partners in the fashion industry and together they built the brand Potapenko & Yanchenko. Both designers


[Fashion] FABUfashion Feature: Klothed:31

Klothed:31 showcased their fashion apparel at Kansas City Fashion Week. Arkansas native Kerrie Aaron, founder of Klothed:31, grew up in a Christian home where the


[Fashion] FABUfashion Feature: House of Pamela Renee’

Fashion Designer and Educator, Pamela Renee’ Lucas, founder and CEO of The House of Pamela Renee’, is a New York native and graduate of the