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Helen Mirren to Receive 37th American Cinematheque Award and Kevin Goetz & Screen Engine to be Honored With Power of Cinema Award

The American Cinematheque announced today that Helen Mirren will be the 37th recipient of the American Cinematheque Award in a tribute being planned for Saturday, November 4, 2023, while Kevin Goetz and Screen Engine will be honored with the 2023 Power of Cinema Award Presented by Hill Valley. The event is an annual fundraiser for the non-profit organization that continues its year-round programming at the Aero Theatre in Santa Monica, Los Feliz 3 Theatre in Los Feliz, and Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood.

American Cinematheque Board Chair Rick Nicita announced the American Cinematheque Award selection by stating: “Helen Mirren has won the Oscar, Tony and Emmy triple crown of acting, and is an unparalleled icon among actors. She has portrayed characters from queens to seductresses with a singular skill that has never lost its freshness or appeal. She brings a savvy intelligence and emotional strength to all her roles because, as movie stars do, the camera shows us the essence of who they are. Movie audiences eagerly embrace her talents in a career that glows brighter with every captivating performance. The American Cinematheque is proud and honored to present Helen Mirren with the 37th American Cinematheque Award.”

Previous American Cinematheque Award honorees include: Eddie Murphy (1986); Bette Midler (1987); Robin Williams (1988); Steven Spielberg (1989); Ron Howard (1990); Martin Scorsese (1991); Sean Connery (1992); Michael Douglas (1993); Rob Reiner (1994); Mel Gibson (1995); Tom Cruise (1996); John Travolta (1997); Arnold Schwarzenegger (1998); Jodie Foster (1999); Bruce Willis (2000); Nicolas Cage (2001); Denzel Washington (2002); Nicole Kidman (2003); Steve Martin (2004); Al Pacino (2005); George Clooney (2006); Julia Roberts (2007); Samuel L. Jackson (2008); Matt Damon (2010); Robert Downey Jr. (2011); Ben Stiller (2012); Jerry Bruckheimer (2013); Matthew McConaughey (2014); Reese Witherspoon (2015); Ridley Scott (2016); Amy Adams (2017); Bradley Cooper (2018); Charlize Theron (2019); Spike Lee (2020); Scarlett Johannsson (2021); and Ryan Reynolds (2022).

Of this year’s Power of Cinema Award recipient, Nicita said, “Kevin Goetz and Screen Engine are simply indispensable to today’s movie industry by conducting the majority of test screenings for the major studios, independents and streamers. For decades, their compilation and interpretation of those test results have strongly influenced the content, marketing and distribution of most movies made today. Their sophisticated analysis of their research, as well as their creative inspiration help filmmakers reach their widest audiences. Kevin Goetz and Screen Engine are making invaluable and irreplaceable contributions to motion pictures and we are proud to present them with the Power Of Cinema Award.”

As a cultural arts organization dedicated to the presentation of film, the American Cinematheque (AC) believes that cinema is a communal experience with the power to entertain, enlighten, and inspire.  In celebration of our mission, the Board of Directors established in 2021 the “Power of Cinema Award” to be given to an individual or organization whose actions have advanced the significance and social relevance of films in today’s modern culture. The AC is dedicated to providing audiences throughout Los Angeles and the world, through our virtual platform, with a diverse range of programming driven by our mission.  The AC Power of Cinema Award will bring additional focus to our work and serve to acknowledge the contributions of those who share our commitment to the power of cinema.


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